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5555 E Stearns St. Ste 108

Long Beach, CA 90815

5555 E Stearns St
Long Beach, CA 90803



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Introduced to Pilates and yoga while at CSU Long Beach and FIDM-LA, Leah Marsh opened her first studio in her hometown Long Beach with her parent's help, but currently lives in Venice, CA. Although she became certified in Pound and Piloxing and trains with BASI Pilates, Leah prefers the business side to carefully curate the classes with the most qualified instructors and merchandise the retail with the latest in fitness fashion brands. Before opening a fitness studio, Leah was a brand manager for luxury-eco fashion designer, Linda Loudermilk, who Vogue called the Vivienne Westwood of eco-couture. She met Linda after launching a luxury magazine as an assistant editor-in-chief called Signature Los Angeles. Her passion for positive, forward- thinking people and need for creative freedom in business led her to the Pilates & yoga conscious lifestyle. Leah's goal is to help create a fitness franchise so that more young women can help others achieve a healthy and active lifestyle through involvement in the community.